The Brain + Spine Connection

The Brain + Spine Connection

Bottom Line:

Odds are, you’ve pondered on the brain-body connection a time or two here and there, and for good reason.

Every thought and movement in your life occurs through your brain or spinal cord – commonly referred to as our central nervous system.

The spinal cord both carries nerve signals from the brain to other parts of the body and receives sensory input from the body and transmits that information back to the brain.

Your spinal column is the armor that protects your spinal cord as it travels down through your body and branches off into the nerves that power that brain-body connection.

Every moment, millions (literally, millions!) of messages are moving along your spinal cord to maintain the necessary balance between your brain and body you need to function.

Needless to say, ensuring your spine as a whole is feeling and functioning at its best is important, and we’re here to help if you’re looking for holistic joint pain treatment in Anoka, MN.

And here’s something you may not know…

Recent research has shown that our hands-on chiropractic adjustments can positively impact the chemistry of your brain!

Read on to learn more.

Why it Matters:

Yes, chiropractic adjustments have the potential to alter the levels of different biochemical pain markers in your brain for the better.

So, what are biochemical pain markers?

When we talk about biochemical pain markers, we’re talking about chemical substances that can influence your perception of pain.

For example, let’s look at neurotensin and oxytocin in this brain-body connection.

Neurotensin is associated with pain blocking as well as the regulation of dopamine, and, similarly, oxytocin is associated with both a decreased sensitivity to pain and an improved mood.

Increased levels of each of these chemical messengers in the body can promote an overall reduction in pain.

It’s no wonder chiropractic adjustments are recommended first by many local healthcare professionals for neck, back, and joint pain treatment in Anoka, MN.

Consider what we know…

  • Your brain and body are in constant communication through your central and peripheral nervous systems.
  • Increased levels of neurotensin, oxytocin, and other similar chemical substances in the body can promote an overall reduction in pain.
  • Chiropractic adjustments to your neck or back have been connected to immediate increased levels of those same pain-relieving substances.

Chiropractic, the Brain-Body Connection, and Joint Pain Treatment

In recent studies, researchers observed both decreased cortisol levels and improved motor control following chiropractic adjustments (spinal manipulative therapy).

What’s more, other recent studies have also shown that chiropractic adjustments can be more effective than spinal injections for treating disc issues.

In short, for those seeking pain relief, a strong case exists for chiropractic.

The results we discussed here are a big part of why many top medical organizations now operate under a conservative care first model for the treatment of chronic pain.

Next Steps:

Over the past 100 years, scientists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals have observed and learned a lot about the brain-body connection.

In our practice, we’ve seen first-hand just how chiropractic care can strengthen the connection between your brain and body, and we’ve helped many people seeking non-invasive joint pain treatment in Anoka, MN feel and function better.

And considering that the spinal cord can send information to your brain at a rate of over 250 mph, it’s no surprise that those who walk through our doors leave with less stress and less pain after just a few minutes of adjusting.

Aging, healing, and your entire life experience happen through a constant concert of communication and coordination between your brain and body.

And keeping that all-important organ under your hat and everything underneath functioning at their best can help you maintain an optimal brain-body connection.

So, if you’ve had a hard time staying active due to pain, know that we specialize in holistic, gentle joint pain treatment in Anoka, MN, and we’re here to help.

We invite you to schedule an evaluation with our compassionate team of experts today.

Together, let’s get you on the road to lasting pain relief!

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